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Contributor: Gene Linzey

Gene Linzey

Gene Linzey worked in the aerospace industry, direct sales, and served as a bi-vocational pastor while working at a national laboratory. He is a published author.

  • Leadership—Setting Others Up to Succeed

    The seven employees assigned to him...felt one of them should have received the promotion. Stan understood their language, but he...ignored the insults the employees hurled at him in their native language.

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  • Happiness, Sorrow ... and Joy

    How we react when things do not go our way reveals whether we live with happiness as our goal--or with joy as our foundation. I like being happy; it is fun. But joy provides a solid foundation that helps me maintain a good attitude, even when faced with unpleasant conditions.

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  • On the way to your Destination...

    He thought he still might make it on time…until he saw a woman standing by her car with a flat tire. George always wanted to help others, but if he stopped now, he would be at least twenty minutes late. That would kill his chance of employment with this company, and his emotions yelled, “This isn’t the time to stop to help anyone!” George had about thirty seconds to make the decision.

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  • Listening Constructively

    We will encounter situations that baffle or frustrate us. When that happens, anxiety often prevents us from properly understanding the deeper reasons why things happen.

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  • What Happened?

    “Forklift accident? Where? Building 185 just to my west? When? Two minutes ago? Did you call 9-1-1? Good! I’ll be there within a minute.” That quick phone call changed the course of our day, but a quick error in judgment changed the course of a man’s life. Terry and I were the on-site fork lift trainers, and we would need to conduct our own investigation.

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  • Getting Off the Ground

    A prospective buyer was in the pilot’s seat waiting for clearance from the control tower. He wanted to “take it for a spin” before deciding to buy it. The seller, also an experienced pilot, was on board. But in the excitement, the buyer failed to remember the DC-3 was heavier than his twin-engine Beechcraft.

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  • Career Choices

    A friend in New Mexico recently reminded me that he accepted a job quite beneath his qualifications some time ago; but because he applied himself creatively to a position that was available, he was now the general manager of the company. He said, “What I wanted to do or could do was not important. Instead my concern was ‘What should I do? What does my family need?’ And it really paid off!”

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  • Five Life Lessons

    I was ten years old when I received my first major lesson on wisdom.... But wisdom comes slowly to a ten year old.... While bouncing a golf ball on a sidewalk, I never thought what might happen to the large window next to me…until it broke. Unwise comments and careless remarks can bounce around and hurt relationships when we don’t think about our words.

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  • Live the Truth

    Intuitively we expect honesty to hurt our reputations, but as we observed with the opening illustration, honesty often engenders trust. By deceiving others, we actually hurt ourselves. Desiring others to trust us, we often damage trust in an effort not to lose it.

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